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After Years in Foster Care, Raven is Now on Her Way to a Forever Home

CALIFORNIA: When Raven was in preschool, she entered the foster care system with her two older brothers. They had been neglected and exposed to domestic violence. Because Raven’s parents were not able to provide contact information for relatives and no foster homes were available to take in a trio of children, social services had no […]

Our Technology Platform

When a child enters the foster care system, the goal is to find a safe home as quickly as possible, preferably with a loving extended family member or other natural community members like a teacher, coach, or neighbor. Keeping the child connected to safe and known supporters reduces trauma and minimizes unacceptable outcomes for already vulnerable children.

A Father Found Leads to a Family History Discovery

MINNESOTA: Syrah is a teenager in foster care. She has long wondered about her family history. Syrah had not seen her father since early childhood and unfortunately, she did not know names or specific details of her paternal biological family. 

CASA Discovers 46 Connections for Child Who Spent 10 Years in Foster Care

TEXAS: While Mateo is only fourteen-years-old, he has experienced a lot of hardships in his young life. He has been in foster care for the past ten years and bounced around in many placements such as foster homes and residential treatment centers. Because of the long amount of time Mateo spent in foster care, to no fault of his own, many people gave up on him. He was an old case with no prospects of ever finding a forever family. 

Relatives Found and Hard Conversations Made Easier

OHIO: A sibling group of four was referred to the Kinnect To Family program after a placement disruption. Their lives are currently in limbo and time is of the essence. The ones old enough to be aware of what’s going on don’t know what’s going to happen to them. 

Teen in Foster Care Now Has Five Potential Homes

FLORIDA: Marcus* is a teenager who has been in and out of foster care since he was two-years-old. His caseworker was deeply concerned because she didn’t want Marcus to face homelessness like the 20,000 children who age-out of the foster care system every year without a permanent family.

Discover and engage extended family and friends with precision and speed

In an effort to assist with the implementation of the Family First Act, Connect Our Kids has developed technology tools to streamline the family diligent search and engagement process. Because of the generosity of private donors, these tools are offered free of charge to social workers, family recruiters and CASA volunteers.