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It takes everyone working together to solve a challenge like this

424,000 children in the foster care system

22,000 young adults aging out each year

Direct Service Partners

Organizations that use our tools

Connect Our Kids provides technology tools for our direct service partners to utilize. These tools are designed in conjunction with child welfare professionals to boost productivity and act as a force multiplier.

While we’re focused on delivering profound technological change, these partners are focused on leveraging our technology to offer the highest level of attention and care to children in need. Together we bring innovation to the child welfare space.

Funding Partners

Those who financially support our work

We could not pursue advanced technology applications without the endorsement and support of these partners.

Advocacy Partners

Those who help spread the word about us

With shared goals and passion, these organizations help promote Connect Our Kids and the change we want to see in the world.

Technology Partners

Helping deliver security and innovation

Our tools are built with the involvement and generous support of some very big brains. We thank our technology providers for helping support our mission.

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