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Help Us Create More Connections in 2022

For so many people across America, 2021 has been a year of loss and heartache. For those of us at Connect Our Kids, it has also been a year of profound hope. The success of our Family Connections and People Search tools pilot program was a brilliant light cutting through the gloom, leading us forward in the work that is already transforming the lives of children in foster care.

A new dawn for America’s foster care system is on the horizon. Our Family Connections and People Search tools reduce the time needed to locate extended family members by 60% and 6.5 times more connections are discovered, compared to the traditional family searching methods.

Since the official launch of the Connect Our Kids platform in March, our pioneering technology has connected nearly 8,000 children to their extended families and support networks. In 2022, with your support, we can double or potentially triple that number.

Of course, technology is only as effective as the individual harnessing its capability. Thanks to the most forward-leaning child welfare professionals in this country, children no longer need to grow up in the system. And because of our friends, family, advisors, and the progressive family foundations investing in this revolutionary work, Connect Our Kids is bringing bright hope to America’s foster care system, one precious child at a time.

This is how sustainable change begins.

To help us create more connections in 2022, you can support our efforts here.

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