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Connect Our Kids Partners with Human Trafficking Legal Network

The process of recruiting vulnerable children and pulling them into this dark world causes long-lasting physical and psychological trauma, disease (including HIV/AIDS), drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy, malnutrition, social ostracism, and even death. However, there is something we can all do to disrupt this billion dollar industry— connect vulnerable children to at least one safe and supportive adult— familial or otherwise. 

Connect Our Kids is honored to partner with the Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) based in Los Angeles, California. The HTLN advances creative ways the legal profession may contribute to efforts to prevent and end the modern slavery of human trafficking.  

This incredible organization specializes in connecting lawyers and advocates with pro bono opportunities to support the abolition movement, liberate the futures of survivors, and advance initiatives to protect our most vulnerable children from exploitation, especially those in foster care.   

The Human Trafficking Human Legal Network also joins forces with a network of strategic partners to help all victims by providing them resources that lead to newfound freedoms, and choices. Now the HTLN will be able to further their reach by utilizing the technology tools developed by Connect Our Kids to locate and engage permanent connections for their clients. For more information about these outstanding child advocates, you can visit their website.  

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