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Reuniting Siblings

In the modern world of connectivity, Connect Our Kids feels honored to have the tools to help connect sibling groups no matter where on earth they may be located. Whether it’s across the country or just down the street, our goal is to reconnect these kids so they can heal from the trauma of separation and loss—and move forward in life together.

Recently, a child welfare professional contacted us with some exciting news! Using our Family Connections technology, she was able to find a sister of Alex Smith,* one of her young clients.

Alex is an 11-year-old boy who has spent over half his life in the foster care system. Alex was sure he’d had a sister when he was little, but he’d entered foster care at age five. He was far too young to advocate for himself. None of Alex’s caseworkers knew about a sister despite having run multiple online searches for relatives.

And then his social worker learned about Connect Our Kids.

Once Alex’s caseworker got access to our Family Connections technology, she performed another search, and a young woman living only five miles away emerged as a possible connection. The young woman turned out to be Annie, Alex’s half-sister. Annie had last seen Alex six years before when he was taken into foster care and she was thrilled at the chance to be a part of Alex’s life again. Alex and Annie have reconnected thanks to this diligent caseworker having access to our technology tools.

Imagine that! These two siblings had no idea they were living only five miles apart. Smart technology put into the hands of child welfare professionals are proving to be powerful and life-changing. Want to hear more stories like this? You can make it happen today by donating HERE.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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