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From Foster Care to a Forever Home: Adopted Sisters Share Advice for Families

We love to hear from our users how our technology tools help children find their forever homes. But we also wonder, what makes a family work after the adoption? What makes a connection successful from the youth’s perspective? We talked to two sisters who shared their insights with us. Sisters Queen and Tonae Diefenbacher were […]

After Years in Foster Care, Raven is Now on Her Way to a Forever Home

CALIFORNIA: When Raven was in preschool, she entered the foster care system with her two older brothers. They had been neglected and exposed to domestic violence. Because Raven’s parents were not able to provide contact information for relatives and no foster homes were available to take in a trio of children, social services had no […]

Trauma-Informed Aunt Takes in Niece with Long Foster Care History

VI-Niece Blog

VIRGINIA: Stephanie* entered foster care with her sister because of their mother’s abuse and father’s absence. In the beginning, the girls were placed together. Their foster family eventually adopted Stephanie’s sister, but not Stephanie—her needs were too great to remain in the home. However, this family supported Stephanie and maintained the connection with her sister. […]

After Years of Failed Homes, Teen Finds Permanence with His Grandmother

SOUTH CAROLINA: Jonathan* entered foster care as a baby due to abuse and neglect. His parents’ rights were terminated, and Jonathan was separated from his five siblings before he could speak his first words. Relatives and family friends adopted Jonathan’s siblings, and he was adopted by a family friend along with his sister. Eight years […]

A Decade Later, Teen Reunites with Twin Brothers and Extended Biological Family

MICHIGAN: Jackson was six-years-old when he entered foster care with his younger twin brothers, Todd and Tyson. They entered care because their mother was abusive, and their father was incarcerated. In foster care, the boys were separated. Jackson’s brothers were adopted in one home, while Jackson was adopted in another. During this time, Todd and […]

Ohio CASA Helps Little Girl Find Permanency with Her Grandmother

OH-Grandma Story

OHIO: Carrie* and her siblings were temporarily removed from their mother when her mental health became unstable, and they were found sleeping in a car. Carrie’s mother recovered enough to secure housing through a program for homeless women and children, and things were looking up. However, Carrie’s siblings were caught stealing from a local store, […]

Teen Now Lives with Long-Lost Cousin

MICHIGAN: Ryan* was a preteen when he entered the foster care system with his threeyounger siblings. They became wards of the state because of allegations of abuse, neglect, homelessness, and substance abuse. Fortunately, his grandmother adopted Ryan and his siblings after they entered the system. Ryan faced some serious mental health challenges, which were understandable […]

Abby’s Story

KANSAS: Abby was a sad and withdrawn 15-year old girl when Sue, a Placement Stability Specialist from Cornerstones of Care, became her caseworker. Over seven years Abby was placed in a total of 36 homes and residential facilities and experienced considerable trauma.

The Importance of Second Chances

KANSAS: Baby boy Zac needed a loving and supportive home. His family finding advocate from Cornerstones of Care used the Connect Our Kids technology platform and found an aunt who wanted to take in little Zac.

A Young Boy Reconnects with Neighbors

OHIO: Three years ago, Luke* was removed from the only neighborhood he knew growing up. Since then, he has lived in five different foster homes and lost track of all the connections he made in the first nine years of his life.