The Importance of Second Chances

KANSAS: Baby boy Zac needed a loving and supportive home. His family finding advocate from Cornerstones of Care used the Connect Our Kids technology platform and found an aunt who wanted to take in little Zac.

Trauma-Informed Aunt Takes In Medically Fragile Teen

NEVADA: Winona*, a victim of medical neglect and food scarcity, entered foster case due to allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse. She also has a medical condition that if left unmanaged causes illness.

Our Technology Platform

When a child enters the foster care system, the goal is to find a safe home as quickly as possible, preferably with a loving extended family member or other natural community members like a teacher, coach, or neighbor. Keeping the child connected to safe and known supporters reduces trauma and minimizes unacceptable outcomes for already vulnerable children.

A Father Found Leads to a Family History Discovery

MINNESOTA: Syrah is a teenager in foster care. She has long wondered about her family history. Syrah had not seen her father since early childhood and unfortunately, she did not know names or specific details of her paternal biological family. 

37 Connections Found for Child Who Couldn’t Speak About Her Family

OHIO: Children who enter foster care routinely have developmental delays and difficulties with focus and attention. A developmental delay occurs when a child has not reached developmental milestones expected compared to their peers of similar age. These delays can show up in the child’s speech and language, motor functions, cognitive, play and social skills. 

Relatives and a Home Found for Teen Boy

OHIO: Noah* entered foster care as a toddler. His father was never around and his mother was not able to care for him. Now a teenager, it wasn’t until Noah started working with a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter that Noah was able to reconnect with his mother. Thanks to the Connect Our Kids tools, Noah’s WWK recruiter was able to provide him with his mother’s latest, updated contact information.

She Looks Just Like Her Mom

OHIO: Emma* has been in foster care for a very long time and she currently lives in a group home. She became a foster child when she started school and has been bounced around a dozen different times, living in foster homes and residential facilities, over the past six years. Her mother was never in her life and her father raised her until he could no longer do so due to his own challenges.

Dylan Discovers Siblings He Didn’t Know He Had

MISSOURI: Seven-year-old Dylan spent two years in the foster care system. His mother was arrested on drug-related charges and child endangerment. She could not stay clean or complete the tasks needed to have him return to her.

Teen Boy Reunites with His Long-Lost Mother

OHIO: Ryan’s father was not in the picture for the first seven years of his life, but his mother was. They spent every day together and took lots of photos, and life was good until Ryan’s mother, who was young and single, went through a tough time and didn’t have the means or family to support him. With few options, she relied on a childless married couple who offered to adopt Ryan and convinced her they could give her a son a better life. They had a lovely house and loved Ryan, so it seemed like a good idea.