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Introducing Our People Search Tool

How Does It Work?

As a social worker or family recruiter, you’ll be collecting publicly available data to find extended family members. Then, you can simply organize it into “trees” of information, like a family tree. The search feature is tied directly to our family connections tool, making the process as easy as a Google search.

People Search has been updated with more than 100 million new or updated profiles, including email addresses and phone numbers.

  • 85 million new emails
  • 41 million new phone numbers
  • 120 million new or updated profiles

Based on the fantastic feedback from social workers just like you, we have added several features.

  • Search by mailing address
  • Search by relationship
  • Right-click to open results in a new-tab

Children-Served Metrics

We are able to provide the People Search to you for free because of your hard work, and the generosity of our funders. Our funders want to know that these tools are providing positive impact. Therefore we’ve added a simple “Serving A New Child” link in red at the top right of People Search.

Click the “Serving A New Child” link anytime you are helping a child that has never been served by People Search before. This simply increments a counter to let us know the effectiveness of this tool.

Still have questions about Connect Our Kids’ Family Connections tool or the security of the tool? Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

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