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Over 270 Family Connections Found for Sibling Group

OHIO: Two years ago, a sibling set of three children, ages 8-13, entered the foster care system because of abuse and neglect. Their parents had moved around for most of the children’s lives, further isolating them from other family members. Eventually, the children were able to reunify with their mother. However, this reunification did not […]

Nearly 10 Years into Foster Care, One Child Reconnects with His Long-Lost Mother

KENTUCKY: When Jakob* was 7, he witnessed his father inflict horrific physical abuse upon one of his siblings. Jakob’s mother lost her parental rights due to her failure to attend crucial court hearings. It was these tragic events that led Jakob and his siblings to be placed in foster care.  Because no foster homes would […]

You Need to Do Right by That Little Girl

VERMONT: Hazel* is a pre-teen girl who only wears dresses, sometimes with a matching bow in her pale blonde hair. Her hair is a distinctive family characteristic that has always been a mystery to her. She grew up without her father, and the few relatives she knew of all had dark hair. Hazel entered foster […]

Alone in an Institution, Teen Now Has Family Visits

MISSISSIPPI: As an infant, Meghan entered foster care because her father was unknown and her mother’s parental rights were terminated due to her incarceration. Meghan was still a baby when she got adopted by a family in Arkansas. Over time, her adoptive family relocated to the Mississippi Delta, where Meghan grew up hundreds of miles […]

Teen Reunites With Long-Lost Mom & Aunt

OHIO: Leon* entered foster care on two separate occasions. The first time he was infant when his young single mother, who had little support, struggled to care for him. She was a high school drop out with two other young children and was overwhelmed. She relinquished her parental rights and entrusted Leon’s care to a family friend, hoping to give him a better life.

Great-Aunt Will Adopt Nephew

VERMONT: Daniel* had a close relationship with his great aunt, but unfortunately they lost contact after he was placed in state custody because his parent refused to share any family information with the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

41 Connections Found For Teen Who Spent Years in Care

VERMONT: Adam* spent eight years in foster care due to parental substance and physical abuse. Growing up with violence, he developed reactive and physical patterns of behavior that resulted in several failed foster home experiences and eventually he would up living in a group home.

37 Connections Found for Child Who Couldn’t Speak About Her Family

OHIO: Children who enter foster care routinely have developmental delays and difficulties with focus and attention. A developmental delay occurs when a child has not reached developmental milestones expected compared to their peers of similar age. These delays can show up in the child’s speech and language, motor functions, cognitive, play and social skills. 

She Looks Just Like Her Mom

OHIO: Emma* has been in foster care for a very long time and she currently lives in a group home. She became a foster child when she started school and has been bounced around a dozen different times, living in foster homes and residential facilities, over the past six years. Her mother was never in her life and her father raised her until he could no longer do so due to his own challenges.

Basketball Coach Adopts Former Player

OHIO: Haley* wants to be a regular kid. She doesn’t want to live in facilities with residential staff or go to court because of her family’s problems. Instead, she wants to make friends, have sleepovers, get a driver’s license and play sports at school without waiting for court approval. Haley wants to live the same kind of life that kids outside of foster care live. Haley longs for normalcy.