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Trauma-Informed Aunt Takes In Medically Fragile Teen

NEVADA: Winona*, a victim of medical neglect and food scarcity, entered foster case due to allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse. She also has a medical condition that if left unmanaged causes illness.

Teen Reunites One Week Before Aging-Out of Foster Care 

NEVADA:   Dakota experienced several disrupted relationships before foster care.  His father had abandoned him and his mother by the time he was one.  His mother remarried, but his stepfather emotionally abused him.  When they tired of raising him, he was sent to live with his maternal grandparents at age nine.  His grandparents taught him to sell drugs which caused his removal to foster care at age 11.   He spent the next six years living in multiple foster care homes and institutions.  Over the years, Dakota became more withdrawn and isolated.