“Why Didn’t Anyone Find My Family Before?”

We often wonder if our People Search and Family Connections tools are making a difference for children in foster care and family finding professionals. We’re compelled to share one user’s email of how our software helped her find an aunt for a hard-to-place teenager. 

Re-imagining Foster Care

We at Connect Our Kids see the practice of social work as one of the most impactful — and at the same time challenging — careers. Connect Our Kids salutes every child welfare professional—especially social workers, CASA volunteers, and family recruiters who work directly with foster children. We are deploying modern technology that will empower these professionals to quickly identify permanent families and mentors for children in their care.

With Liberty and Justice for All Kids

The 4th of July marks the declaration of freedom from injustice, and nearly 250 years later we find ourselves still working on this part of the great American experiment, especially for our most vulnerable children in foster care. Despite some happy stories, often foster care results in unacceptable injustices to kids that leave an undeniable trail of suffering. Correcting this drives our entire team at Connect Our Kids, our nonprofit providing smart technology to find loving families for kids in need.