In the time it takes you to read this headline, you can discover extended family connections for a vulnerable child.

Our free tools make diligent searches faster and easier – to find permanent families, identify support networks, and orchestrate belonging for America’s most vulnerable children.

Connect Our Kids is the most successful technology platform for family search and engagement in the country. Using our free technology, child welfare professionals make tens of thousands of life-changing connections each year.

Our free model (really!)

Because of generous supporters, we're able to give, not sell, our technology platform to professionals and agencies. We don’t compete with other models or programs – our tools enhance them and should be used in conjunction with your requirements and best practices.

Family Connections

Build a family tree of relationships and support for all children in foster care.

People Search

Find contact information fast – to make those critical connections.

Mobile Apps

Download our mobile app so you can begin your family search efforts immediately and on the go.

Quick Start Guide: Put the power of technology to work for you

Bookmark our tools on your browser and download the mobile app
Use Family Connections to build a map of each child’s family and support network, and People Search to find contact information for everyone on it
Tour our Engagement Center for search tips, scripts, and outreach templates

Protect every child’s privacy and data

Data security and identity information are important features of our technology tools. We don’t collect data or track searches.

Engagement & Ideas Center

Engagement scripts and templates for calls, emails, and letters to help you make life-changing connections.

Inspirational idea hub for engagement, outreach, diligent/family searching, relationship building and more!

Connections Matter Academy

Our video series for youth aging out.

Available Soon

FAQs and more

Explore learning resources for social workers.

Our Impact

We are so grateful to have crossed paths with the Connect Our Kids leadership at a Family Finding conference in November 2019. Immediately, the team asked, "How can we help you find connections for foster youth?" NOAS partnered as a pilot agency for the software and now has fourteen staff using the system regularly to find permanency. Recently, a new staff member located an estranged sister of a birth mom. The sister lived a few miles from our office and was already a licensed foster parent. Auntie welcomed her nephew and has been matched for adoption. Without the tools provided in the Connect Our Kids software, we may not have found permanency for this teen.
Cheryl Tarantino
Northeast Ohio Adoption Services, NOAS|Ohio
From our first conversation with the Connect Our Kids team, we knew that this tool would be a valuable asset to assuring permanent family connections for the children we serve across the nation. Hundreds of our grantees and partners now have access to not only the technology that significantly increases their ability to link to extended family but also to robust training and expertise, all with one single goal in mind – dramatically improve the lives of children in foster care waiting for permanency.
Rita Soronen, President & CEO
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption|National, based in Ohio

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