Siblings and Grandmother Found

MINNESOTA: The caseworker’s diligence and use of our Family Connections tool led to a Facebook page, some addresses and Michael’s adoptive mother. Through a video call, this amazing mother helped Cedric connect with Michael who fortunately lives only 30 minutes away. Additionally, she shared that she and her partner adopted four other children who were Cedric’s half siblings.

Older brother Michael has asked about the steps he would need to take to foster Cedric. In the meantime, he is interested in having contact and being a supportive adult in Cedric’s life. Through our technology, Cedric’s caseworker was also able to reach Cedric’s paternal grandmother, who did not even know Cedric was in foster care. This grandmother has since provided more information about her family and is another potential permanent placement option for Cedric.

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.


Written by Georgette, the Outreach Coordinator for Connect Our Kids. You can read about Georgette’s experience in the foster care system.

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