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Everyone has someone

Help make the connections that end housing instability. Using advanced technology, we help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless, and their advocates, accelerate the process of finding and contacting a network of support.

Helping the homeless find a home

We empower individuals to take steps toward re-establishing and building their natural support networks. Using modern technology, we make connections faster and easier than ever before.

Connect Our Kids, originally established for children in foster care, has developed the most successful technology platform for family search and engagement in the country.

We learned that 20,000 youth age out of the system annually without a network of support,
and many of those youth end up in homeless shelters. We knew we could help.

Meeting Pastor Ron and his team at West Coast Care, we saw an opportunity to scale up his life-changing work. Turns out, family search and engagement practices work for adults too. Amazing, right?

The videos below highlight the incredible work being done in LA County, and soon we’ll share best practices for helping homeless adults from Pastor Ron and his team.

People Search

Created for child welfare professionals and volunteers to find contact information for extended family members and other connections by searching over 300 sources of data.

Family Connections

Family Connections is a visual relationship mapping tool used to build out networks of extended family members and other natural supports for vulnerable children and their families.

All Connected

A trauma-informed video academy for creating connection and belonging, designed in collaboration with trauma therapists and advocates with lived experience within the foster care and prison systems.

REC Center

Resources for Engagement and Connecting (REC): an inspirational idea hub for engagement, outreach, diligent/family searching, relationship building, and more!

Find scripts and templates for calls, emails, and letters to help you make life-changing connections.

Mobile Apps

Our tools are available as mobile apps so you can begin searches immediately and on the go.

FAQs and more

Explore learning resources for social workers.

Quick Start Guide: Put the power of our technology to work for you

Bookmark our tools on your browser and download the mobile app
Use Family Connections to build a map of each child’s family and support network, and People Search to find contact information for everyone on it
Tour our REC Center for search tips, scripts, and outreach templates

Protecting privacy and data

Data security and identity information are important features of our technology tools. We don’t collect data or track searches.

Best practices for helping the homeless

We’ve partnered with West Coast Care to share family search and engagement best practices to create connections and belonging for those experiencing homelessness.

Our Impact

When you connect the homeless with support structures, quality of life improves for the entire community. Support equals safety for the homeless, and once they feel safe, they are often empowered to move into more stable housing. That means they are safer, warmer, dryer, and more comfortable than sleeping on the streets, parks, and beaches.

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