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Using advanced technology, we help family recruiters accelerate the process of identifying and finding a child’s extended family and other natural supports.

Help find the right place to call home

We know that relationships with family and other trusted adults provide a sense of belonging that helps children in foster care heal from trauma. Every child has an extended family, indigenous ancestry, cultural community, and network of neighbors, teachers, coaches, and others, but discovering them can be challenging. That’s why we applied modern technology to extended family search and engagement.

Connect Our Kids is the most successful technology platform for family search and engagement in the country. Using our free technology, family recruiters make tens of thousands of life-changing connections each year.

Family Connections

Build a family tree of relationships and support for all children in foster care.

People Search

Find contact information fast – to make those critical connections.

Quick Start Guide: Put the power of technology to work for you

Bookmark our tools on your browser and download the mobile app
Use Family Connections to build a map of each child’s family and support network, and People Search to find contact information for everyone on it
Tour our Engagement Center for search tips, scripts, and outreach templates

Protect every child’s privacy and data

Data security and identity information are important features of our technology tools. We don’t collect data or track searches.
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Engagement & Ideas Center

Engagement scripts and templates for calls, emails, and letters to help you make life-changing connections.

Inspirational idea hub for engagement, outreach, diligent/family searching, relationship building and more!

FAQs and more

Explore learning resources for social workers.

Our Impact

I have been in the field of social services for almost 40 years, and cannot recall a single time that we have been offered assistance in delivering our mission with no strings attached. Through our family finding program, and with the support of the Connect Kids software, the Children’s Home Network has returned hundreds of children back to their families, restoring their sense of belonging, love, and hope.
Irene Rickus, CEO
Children’s Home Network|Florida
Connect Our Kids is the tool that has helped us in family finding to be as successful as we are. We have the highest rate of relative placement in Kansas right now. As an agency, we are at 50.8% of placing all kids in foster care in Relative/Kinship homes.
Heather Hughey
Cornerstones of Care Family Finding Manager|Kansas

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