Tastes Like Home Campaign

What is Tastes Like Home? Tastes Like Home is a campaign to raise awareness and funding to support finding permanent, loving families for kids in foster care. Funds raised go to help Connect Our Kids provide technology tools and training to social workers so that they can find family and build supportive networks around the children in their care. 

Who can get involved with Tastes Like Home? Anyone who is ready to challenge the status quo and keep kids and families connected. There are no age restrictions. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

When does the Tastes Like Home fundraising campaign officially launch? December 1, 2023

Why is it named Tastes Like Home? Imagine how different your life would be without the delightful tastes and delicious smells that evoke happy memories of family and friends. Sadly, kids in foster care don’t have to imagine this hard reality because they have experienced profound loss, including the loss of traditions–like beloved recipes–that shape identity and a sense of belonging. Through the Tastes Like Home campaign, Connect Our Kids is working to ensure every child in foster care has a permanent, supportive family and the chance to build memories of what tastes like home to them. 

How can I get involved? There are four simple steps to assemble a Tastes Like Home package: 

Step 1 BAKE: Make the cookies, bread, etc., that taste like home to you OR send your favorite recipe OR provide a gift card if you prefer not to bake!

Step 2 LETTER & STORY CARDS: Include the Tastes Like Home letter with your recipient’s gift and add a personal note about why you support Connect Our Kids. Print out a Connect Our Kids story card and include it. The letter and story cards are included in our Tastes Like Home: The Ambassador Toolkit for Connect Our Kids.

Step 3 WRAP & PACKAGE: Securely pack the baked goods and supporting materials for transportation.

Step 4 DELIVER: Either hand-deliver or mail the package(s) to your friends and family. Offer a warm message that explains the purpose of the gift. 

Check out this quick video about creating a Tastes Like Home package.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram or email us at [email protected].

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